September 18, 2022
youtube Shorts will be watermarked, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Watermarks will be placed on YouTube Shorts.

There will be a watermark added to uploaded videos on the YouTube Shorts platform. A step like that would help stop duplicate content from being posted on popular sites.

Following TikTok’s rapid rise, other internet companies identified that short videos are extremely popular among the younger generation and devised alternative solutions. If a viewer spends time watching videos on various service platforms. He is aware that content creators frequently repost their own work. Many of the videos that appear on Instagram Reels, for example, are also available on TikTok.

youtube Shorts will be watermarked, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

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YouTube has started watermarking shared Shorts videos

According to YouTube developers, the marking was introduced so that viewers could see that the content that the user shares on different platforms can be found on YouTube Shorts. Apparently, in this way the owners of the site intend to promote their own service.

YouTube first introduced the short video format in 2020. The monthly audience of the service reaches 1.5 billion users.

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Google has recently started testing a new interesting feature of the video service on YouTube. Those who wish can use a special gesture to change the scale in the videos.

The experimental Pinch to Zoom feature will be available for testing until September 1, 2022. You can zoom in and out by pinching or spreading two fingers on the touch screen. Users of a paid YouTube Premium subscription can take part in testing.

Premium users can activate the feature by tapping their profile photo and clicking “Your Premium Benefits. Then selecting the “Try New Features” section and enabling Pinch to Zoom. It may take some time for this feature to start, but once it is active, you can zoom in eight times. This comes as part of the new features that Google provide to Youtube every once in a while to make the streaming platform even better.

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