September 18, 2022
Twitter API, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Researchers discover nearly 3,200 mobile applications that are leaking Twitter API keys.

Researchers have actually disclosed a list of 3,207 mobile applications that are openly using the Twitter API, some of which may be exploited to get unauthorized access to the Twitter accounts that are associated with them. The request was made possible by the disclosure of actual Customer Trick and Customer Secret information, especially, according to a statement made by Singapore-based cyber security firm CloudSEK in a document explicitly displayed in The Cyberpunk Information.

Twitter API, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

According to the Experts “Out of 3,207, 230 programmes are soaking all four verification requirements and may be employed to entirely take control of their Twitter Accounts as well as can execute any kind of important/sensitive actions.”  This might range from reading direct messages to doing rough actions like retweeting, favoriting, and also erasing tweets, adhering to any sort of account, removing followers, accessing account settings, as well as also changing the account profile picture. Accessing the Twitter API requires developing sneaky methods and gaining access to symbols that serve as both usernames.

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