September 18, 2022
Apple US Department of justice for antitrust violation, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

In the United States, legal actions in connection with Apple’s alleged antitrust violations may begin this year. Politico reports that the US Justice Department’s antitrust division is in the “early phases” of drafting an antitrust action against the company and intends to “launch a complaint by the end of the year.”

Politico highlighted that, despite the drafting of the complaint, the US Department of Justice Department has yet to determine whether or not to file a case against Apple. “It’s still possible that they won’t file the case at all,” the source said.

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The relevant data is now being gathered by Department of Justice employees. to file a case against Apple for alleged anti-competitive actions. According to reports, the DOJ probe first concentrated on the App Store, but now detectives are looking beyond for any potential illegality.

Apple US Department of justice for antitrust violation, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

The US Department of Justice has allegedly started preparing an antitrust case against Apple, according to a rumor.

All aspects of Apple’s business are in consideration. Including the question of “does the compnay’s control of its physical devices harm competitors other than app developers. And if so, in what way”. Specifically, the investigation builds on public complaints from companies such as Tile and Spotify. Apple’s control of the platform gives it an unfair advantage over other market players Apple Music and AirTag.

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Lawyers from the San Francisco Department of Justice are leading the investigation, Politico sources say. Recently, they have been reaching out to companies that partner with Tile about location-tracking technology on the company’s devices, also making it clear that both the Apple App Store and the mobile phone operating system in general are under scrutiny from the DOJ.

According to Politico, the issue of filing an antitrust suit by the Department of Justice against Apple largely depends on the outcome of its proceedings with Epic Games. A federal judge ruled that Apple does not have a monopoly. But unfairly limits the actions of third parties under certain circumstances. Both Apple and Epic Games have appealed the decision, with a hearing set for October 21.

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