September 18, 2022
Keyword Research Tools, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Keyword research is an essential component of current SEO. You need appropriate keywords to attract quality visitors whether you are working on a new blog or creating an article for an online project.

There are numerous paid and free keyword research tools available on the internet. They range from basic useless equipment to extremely useful tools.

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The following are six advantages of keyword research tools:

  1. To grab the attention of the target audience who cares for your content.
  2. To strategically convert your website into the marketing content.
  3. To notice the consumer trends.
  4. Blog writers can use less expensive keyword tools for a better conversion rate.
  5. To make your website rank at the 1st number on google or rank your article higher.

Let’s jump right into the list of the top 8 paid and free keyword research tools.

Keyword Research Tools, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Paid Keyword Research Tools

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is an excellent keyword research tool that identifies 5-10 precise keywords that your competitors are already using. It is SEO’s Swiss Army Knife.


  • Search yearly keyword trends.
  • Cover long tail keywords and ad group ideas.
  • Access to keyword difficult analysis.
  • Get CPC worldwide distribution.

SEMRush provides a free trial of 7 days. There are different four pricing plans for this keyword tool.

1. Pro:

A limited price plan for freelancers and bloggers starting at $99.95 per month.

2. Guru:

For SEO agencies and small businesses, companies fulfill their day-to-day management of web content sites. It starts at $191.62 per month.

3. Business:

Best for E-commerce stores and agencies. It starts at $374.94 per month.

Here is Link:

2. Keyword Finder

Keyword finder is the best keyword research tool to find the right keywords with low SEO difficulty. It has several other features.


  • Find keywords in any language.
  • Accurate statistics of keyword competition.
  • Use filters to change keywords
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • A helpful list of keyword suggestions.

This keyword tool allows 4 SEO tools with 3 subscription plans.

1. Basic:

$30 for freelancers and small businesses.

2. Premium:

$40 for a new start-up company and blogs.

3. Agency:

$80 for E-commerce and heavy websites.

Here is Link:

3. Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

Ahref’s keyword explorer is another decent keyword research tool for content creators and bloggers. It shows a broad keyword research report to its users with unique clickable metrics.


  • 1,000 keyword suggestions
  • supported in over 171 countries
  • Accurate keyword difficulty report
  • Clicking metrics for improving your CTR rate.

Ahref has 4 price plans. It also has a 7-day trial version on Lite and subscription plans. Ahref charges $82 per month for freelancers, bloggers, online stores, small organizations, and larger brands.

Here is link:

4. Growth Bar: The SEO Tool Built For Growth

The Growth Bar is a unique keyword research tool for marketers and bloggers who want quick keyword suggestions to appear in search results.

Another amazing feature is content outline generation. Within a few minutes, by entering keywords, it will generate a content outline for your blog, or for your website with keywords, counts, headers, and images.

It also helps to explore competitors’ profiles with backlinks, organic keywords, and Facebook ads insight.


  • Long tail keyword suggestions
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Accurate rank difficulty
  • On-page word count
  • Generate Outlines with the AI tool

The Growth Bar provides a 5-day trial. After finishing it, users have to pay according to the subscription plan.

There are two subscription plans.


$29 per month


$79 per month

Here is link:

Free Keyword Research Tools

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a simple free keyword research tool. It has some of the basic features. This is the best accurate tool for keyword data in the market.


  • Best choice for business websites
  • The accurate search of keywords from Google
  • Search keywords on top of the page

Here is link:

6. Question DB: Free Keyword Question Tool

Question DB is the keyword research tool for questions based on keywords. It is a gold mine of questions that shows questions from Google, Bing, Reddit, and Quora.


This tool helps users understand how, why, and where people are talking about the topic. It will help to create more content about the topic.


This keyword tool is free for 50 searches. The Pro plan includes 500 searches for only $15/per month.

Here is link:

7. Keyword Surfer: Chrome Extension

Keyword Surfer is a google chrome extension from Surfer SEO, and it has limited features for the free version. The user has to download it first and then add it to extensions. Hit enter to see the matching keywords on the screen.


  • Shows relating keywords and SERP data
  • Generate outline by using free content AI tool
  • To get full access to the surfer SEO, install WordPress and Docs extensions.

The chrome extension and outline generator are free. The paid plan starts at $49 per month for a full content editor.

Here is link:

8. Jaxay Web

Jaxay web is a basic keyword research tool. After entering the topic keyword, it will give suggestions of related keywords, and stats of monthly search volume on page 1.


  • Helps to find affiliate programs on the site from Link Share, Commission Junction, Digital River, and Click Bank.
  • Offers limited plans for free.
  • Paid plans are affordable for users for website monetization.

The first 30 searches are free for 20 results. The paid plan starts at $49 per month.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was helpful about keyword research tools. Keyword research tools help in generating keyword suggestions, creating headlines, creating outlines, and ranking blog entries high on Google. I recommend that you choose your keyword tools carefully and not spend too much money on them.

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