September 18, 2022
HBO Max Discovery+ merger, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

The merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ has already resulted in layoffs, and now some shows are affected. Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed to Variety that it will remove 36 titles from HBO Max as soon as this week in preparation for the Discovery+ platform merger. The majority of the productions aren’t big, but they do include some familiar HBO work, such as the Sesame Street spinoff, The Not-So-Late-Show with Elmo and the Peter Dinklage film My Dinner with Hervé. A number of Cartoon Network shows are leaving the network.

In a statement, HBO Max said content would disappear from both services as it worked to bring the media libraries “together under one platform.” The provider didn’t elaborate on its reasoning, although Variety noted that pulling the shows outright (instead of canceling future seasons) would help HBO Max avoid paying more royalties. Warner Bros. Discovery said it would find $3 billion in savings as part of the corporate merger.

HBO Max Discovery+ merger, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

As you might imagine, at least some affected producers aren’t happy — this not only cuts off income, but might prevent people from seeing their work unless it finds another home. Summer Camp Island creator Julia Pott noted that some episodes developed during the pandemic will never see the light of day. Warner Bros. Discovery has “no respect for artists,” she said.

The combination of HBO Max and Discovery+ is expected to launch in summer 2023. While it’s not clear if Warner Bros. Discovery will drop more shows or otherwise slash costs, this latest move won’t be reassuring if you were hoping your favorite series would make the leap to the unified service.

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