September 18, 2022
YouTube New Feature, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

YouTube has billions of videos. Most of them are of questionable quality, so one would hope that Google’s algorithms would provide users with relevant and enjoyable content. Of course, there are various challenges associated with the platform, particularly when it comes to kids as audience and educators as creators. As a result, the company is announcing a few major changes for those categories, including a video player designed specifically for educational purposes.

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The new YouTube Player for Education will allow any embedded videos on specific online educational platforms to run ad-free, without external links or outbound content suggestions. The player will be available to Purdue University, Purdue Global, and EDpuzzle lesson planners for use on their proprietary platforms, as well as Google Classrooms customers.

YouTube New Feature, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Educational content creators who have found success on YouTube have typically turned to external partnerships such as those with Brilliant or Curiosity Stream to either help fund large projects or produce structured courses. However, beginning next year, YouTube will offer Courses: free or paid collections of videos that can be watched ad-free and accessed in perpetuity. The Courses programme will be available first to creators in the United States and South Korea.

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Additionally, creators will soon be able to publish Quizzes to their channel’s Community tab. Answers can be linked to a specific point in a video. This feature will be in beta testing for a few months before becoming available to the public in 2023.


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