September 18, 2022
Subsidies on Russian Notebooks and Tablets, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Russia is Considering Subsidies For Russian Notebooks and Tablets – According to the Russian newspaper “Kommersant,” the Russian government, major retailers, and Russian electronics manufacturers are discussing retail subsidies to promote domestic electronics (laptops and tablets, etc.). According to Russian retailers, this should raise consumer awareness of Russian brands. The Russian market has a good selection of Russian notebooks and tablets. However, these products are not widely available. The brands require something else as the Russian government plans to popularize Russian notebooks and tablets.

Most Russian brands stress that they need concessional loans to produce large volumes of products. They claim that their products can not yet compete with foreign products in price. According to a Kommersant source in the Russian government, the digital ministry, together with major Russian electronics manufacturers (Aquarius, Yadro, ICL) and retailers (M.Video, DNS), are discussing the establishment of a Russian equipment retailer possibilities, mainly tablets, laptops and system units. According to preliminary estimates, each year, the government will spend about 1 billion rubles ($17 million) on subsidies. An insider source said

Russian laptops and tablets are very high – priced.

Large chains have indicated a desire to sell Russian electronics, but they require government assistance to market their brands. At the very least, consumers should be motivated to find out more about domestic products.

Subsidies on Russian Notebooks and Tablets, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Previously, Russian manufacturers of laptops and tablets concentrated on creating equipment for the government and commercial markets. There are rumours that the high cost of laptops made in Russia makes sales difficult. Batches of a few thousand pieces are unlikely to compete with well-known brands in small-scale production.

Denis Manturov, the head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, announced in June that the Russian government had approved a 500 million ruble “pilot model” allocation to assist businesses with media advertising. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, screening will take place from August 18 to September 29, and ANO “national priorities” will be used to subsidise advertising. The department did not specify whether advertisements for Russian tablets and laptops fall under this category. It did specify that only manufacturers could apply, though.

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