September 18, 2022
Google Russia, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Since the beginning of its conflict with Ukraine, Russia has been at odds with numerous Western countries. The U.S., U.K. and other Western nations have sent military and non-military aid to Ukraine. In addition, numerous American and British corporations have ceased operations in Russia. Russia is now retaliating in any way it can. Russia captured four British satellites a few weeks ago, and now it has slapped a massive fine on Google. According to reports, a Russian court today ruled in favour of fining Google $357 million. This is because the corporation did not remove some illegal content from its website.

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A Russian court penalised Google $357 million in July for failing to remove and rectify illegal information. Today, the Russian court handed a second “negotiable” fine of $357 million for the same reason. According to sources, Russia’s state communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, sent Google 17 notifications requesting that certain erroneous content be removed. Google, on the other hand, refused to comply.

A Moscow court penalised Google $118 million in December 2021 for failing to remove content deemed illegal by Russia. This is also the first time Moscow has levied a revenue-based sanction on a corporation in such a situation. Russia has already fined Google for failing to remove unlawful information, but the fines are insignificant.

Google Russia, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Apple’s iPhone 14 / Pro series will be available in Russia.

Despite the fact that Apple stopped selling new products in Russia in March 2022 owing to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Russians will still have access to new items, a senior government official told RIA Novosti today. When asked if he planned to import Apple’s new iPhones, Russian Trade and Industry Minister Denis Manturov responded, “Why not?” There will be options for consumers to purchase these phones if they wish to.” The new iPhone 14 will be available through a parallel import process, and Russians will be able to purchase the new smartphone.

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