September 18, 2022
Jim Farley Elon Musk EV Pickup, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Ford CEO Jim Farley has a major investment in solar energy and while making the announcement the CEO has challenged Tesla CEO Elon Musk drawing a comparison between the most awaited Cybertruck and Ford’s plug-in pickup F-150. Let’s have a look at what Farley said at the Michigan Ford plant.

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“We are really on a mission at Ford to lead an electric and digital revolution for many, not few. And I have to say the shining light for us at Ford is this beautiful Lightning made right down the road in Dearborn, right here in the state of Michigan, already the leader of all EV pickup trucks in our industry in the US,” The Verge quoted Farley as saying.

Farley made the statement at the Michigan Ford plant where he was announcing a deal with DTE Energy and praising their step toward more sustainable resources. At the same event, he also made the statement on Elon Musk’s long-awaited Cybertruck.

Jim Farley Elon Musk EV Pickup, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

“Take that, Elon Musk,” Farley added in the statement.

It seems that Ford CEO’s comment on Tesla’s Cybertruck was revenge because Musk has also used the Ford F-150 as a benchmark to compare the power and performance of the Cybertruck. Back in 2019 Tesla revealed the Cybertruck and at the same time, the company confirmed that the vehicle will enter mass production in 2021. However, the latest announcement by Musk confirmed that the production will not start until mid-2023.

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Just after the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck Musk had shared a video of the Cybertruck pulling the Ford F-150. He shared the video on Twitter, so we can say that the competition is not new.

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