September 18, 2022
Pixel Smartphones in India, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Google may likely start manufacturing its Pixel smartphones in India. A new report has surfaced online claiming that Google will shift the majority of its smartphone production out of China, which may benefit India by giving it a significant share of the smartphone production.

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As reported by the Reuters, Google Pixel phone assembly is shifting to India in response to the aggressive COVID-19 lockdowns and rising geopolitical tensions between the US and China.

Google has officially approached some Indian manufacturers and invited bids for the production of the smartphones. Based on the report, the company has decided to manufacture 5 to 10 lakh Pixel devices in India. This accounts for 10-20% of annual production, which is a sizable portion of the company’s total output.

Google India has not made any formal announcements or provided any kind of confirmation regarding the matter, but they have also not outright denied it. According to the report, China’s strict lockdowns have had an impact on the production and supply chain. Furthermore, rising tensions between China and the United States have raised concerns about instability. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited Taiwan, which has become a source of contention between the two countries.

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The effect of home production on Indian consumers

If Google plans to manufacture a significant portion of its devices Pixel Smartphones in India, the prices of its devices sold in India may be reduced as part of the government’s Make in India initiative. But even so, we cannot guarantee price reductions if this occurs. Apple intends to manufacture the iPhone 14 series in India, but overall prices remain nearly 40% higher than in markets such as the United States.

Pixel Smartphones in India, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

Google has mostly introduced its low-cost Pixel 4A series in India. The Pixel 5A was omitted, and the Pixel 6A is now available at a relatively high price.

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