September 18, 2022
Apple Market Share Exceeds 50%, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

The American smartphone market is the third largest in the world, trailing China and India, which are first and second, respectively. In contrast to China and India, the American smartphone market is a “one-man show.” Americans will buy whatever Apple produces, no matter how expensive or authentic it is. This is how firmly Apple holds the American smartphone market. In the American smartphone market, there are numerous Android brands. However, Apple competes with all of the other Android brands combined. The American smartphone market is the only market in the world where a single brand’s share will outnumber all other brands combined.

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Since its launch in 2007, Apple’s iPhone‘s market share in the United States has been struggling with all the Android brands put together. The several Android brands has been just ahead of Apple. However, the situation is now different in the second quarter of this year. According to industry analysis firm, Counterpoint Research, Apple’s share of the US smartphone market now exceeds 50%. This is the highest level of Apple since its launch and its a milestone for the company.

While Apple has over 50% of the market, over 150 Android phones, led by Samsung and Lenovo, have the remaining market share. “The operating system has never changed dramatically,” said Jeff Fieldhack, director of analytics at Counterpoint. However, traffic has shifted from Android to iOS over the last four years. This is a significant milestone that we may see in other wealthy countries around the world.”

Apple Market Share Exceeds 50%, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

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This data includes millions of users who entered the Apple ecosystem through the second-hand market, as well as users who use older iPhones, in addition to new phone sales. Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri stated in the July earnings report that installed capacity is the engine of Apple’s business growth. “That number continues to rise, with all-time highs in every country and service category, a significant accomplishment,” Maestri said.

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