September 18, 2022
Fiverr Gigs to make money Online, YT Trending - Latest Technology News

10 Fiverr Gigs to Make Money Online Without Any Skills in 2022 Image: Kenny Eliason

I’m going to show you 10 ways to make money on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or freelance without having any skills or knowledge; anyone with a little information and a billionaire attitude can do it.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the most well know freelancing sites to use because of its remarkable varieties of different gigs. There are two ways of Fiverr



You can go on Fiverr and request or buy services from any freelancer that you want e.g service to edit a YouTube video, translating, writing essays etc. EVERY service is on Fiverr


You can make a living and earn money on Fiverr by selling gig’s to customers. gigs are services that you give to someone. People who create gigs usually start from $5 to the price that they want

How Fiverr Works?

It works as follow:

  1. You create an account on Fiverr.
  2. Once you set up your account. You need to create a Gig.
  3. You describe your service that you want to sell on your Gig.
  4. You wait for some buyers to roll in.
  5. You get an order.
  6. You start working on new order.
  7. You finish and deliver your order.
  8. Finally, you get some money in return.
Fiverr Gigs to make money Online, YT Trending - Latest Technology News
10 Fiverr Gigs to Make Money Online Without Any Skills in 2022 Image: Kenny Eliason

10 Fiverr Gigs Ideas for Making Money Online Without Any Skills

Here are some Fiverr gigs ideas where you may make billions of dollars without any skill.

  1. Test and provide feedback about websites and software.
  2. Design Creative album covers
  3. Prepare and analyse SEO reports
  4. Design T-shirts for the client
  5. Create banner ads for Client
  6. Making Intros
  7. Commenting on Website, YouTube etc.
  8. Proofreading and Error Correction
  9. Virtual assistant
  10. Fiverr Arbitrage

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1. Test and Provide Feedback About Websites and Software.

The first is software or website testing. When someone develops a digital app, website, or service, they require feedback since it is so important for them to adjust their product and get new clients.

But, if they don’t already have customers, they’ll need someone to test it, and that’s where you come in. Of course, you’ll need the internet, a computer, or a phone, but honestly, you’re watching this video, so I’m assuming you have that. If we go on Fiverr, for example, and type in “website testing,” we’ll see that a lot of people are offering exactly that service, and they’re getting reviews.

Making money with it now usually works like this: they send you a link to their website or app, you go on it, check it out, and maybe take some notes on your pros and cons, what you like and don’t like about the product, write that down, and deliver it to your client; that should be enough to get you a couple of dollars.

2. Design Creative Album Covers

Another incredibly creative activity is selling album covers, and you could wonder, “How can I design album covers successfully using artificial intelligence?” This artwork does not exist website simply uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate a variety of different images every time you reload the page.

  1. Thisartworkdoesntexist
  2. Thispersondoentexist

The website this person does not exist does the same thing with people, but that isn’t as relevant for us right now. What’s important is that one Reddit user recently pointed out that those artworks all look like album covers, and I think that’s quite true. Therefore, what you could do is export them.

If someone likes your work, they will definitely pay for that, so put a title on it and sell it as an album cover. In fact, there is already a website selling those artworks printed on canvas, but to keep it simple and sell it entirely digitally without any experience, I suggest you guys maybe start with an album cover or something similar but a little different.

Disclaimer: Because the photographs were produced by artificial intelligence, I’m not sure who exactly has the right to sell them or who owns the images.

3. Prepare and Analyse SEO Reports

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is something you’ve definitely heard of. You can use SEO on YouTube and on a variety of other search engines.

Of course, Google for Websites has made it so that a lot of people who have websites want to know whether their SEO is good or bad. Of course, they could go to an agency and pay a lot of money for this, or they could go to Fiverr and find someone for a low price, and maybe that person is you because it’s actually not that difficult to make a report that is more or less useful because there are actual websites where this can be done.

You can just fill in their website to receive a comprehensive SEO report, export it or create a screenshot of it, and then send that to your client. When you’re finished, you’ve just made money selling something you have no idea about.

4. Design T-Shirts for The Client

T-shirt designs There are a lot of people that sell t-shirts on websites like Redbubble, teespring, or merch by Amazon, and they need a lot of designs, often thousands of designs, therefore there’s a big demand for this kind of material. I know what you’re thinking: “Well, I’m not a designer,” but don’t worry; you don’t have to be a designer to make t-shirt designs.

For example, it enables you to develop designs that are both original and very adjustable. Edit the wording and image on the platform and you’ve got your own birthday shirt, so when you export it and present it to your client, they’ll think you’re a real high-end designer. You can also use custom mock-ups from the same website. And use to generate those gorgeous, realistic animations of your design.

5. Create Banner Ads for Client

Creating banner ads have you ever been on a website and there are those little banners on the site or on the top which want you to click on their fantastic product well you probably have, and now you can make those yourself and of course offer them to Website owners or marketing agencies who just want to outsource this service, so the concept is the same again but this time you’re not going to place it you’re going to another website called banner snack and banner snack allows you to browse among different niches like business lifestyle education pick a certain element

Like a banner ad then adjust a few settings the text the designs and boom you got to add and can deliver it even a html5 code directly to your customer sounds a bit technical, but it’s actually super easy and if you just register on that website try it out yourself you know it only takes you five minutes to create your first design and if your client is not knowing that you’re using

Banner snack, well then the perceived value for them is super high

6. Create Intros for Your Client

Making intros currently is really popular because many people need them for YouTube videos, video advertisements, or other purposes. you can actually do those in a pretty simple way, and you guessed it again using templates, one of them would be video bolt video build.

allows you to utilise an intro template even with sound; you only need to add the name, and your intro is complete. You can also use the same platform to make music visualizers. You’ve definitely seen these on a few music channels, and people are paying good money for them. If you don’t particularly enjoy video ball, there’s another platform called Panoid.

Another great feature is the ability to create intros simply by typing name. Of course, you have to be careful because it’s a community-based website and occasionally the music is not cleared, which means you might not have the copyright necessarily, but try out the different platforms and choose the one that best suits your needs.

7. Commenting on Website, YouTube etc. 

Yes, you can make money by commenting on things. You may be wondering how that works and why someone would pay me to comment on a website, blog, or YouTube channel to promote their product because you know a lot of people need something called backlinking; they need a lot of links placed on their website.

Different websites and different sources on the internet to increase their website’s SEO for example so let me give you an example your client is someone selling healthy snacks then you could pick out 10 different blogs which talk about healthy living healthy foods maybe even healthy snacks if you find that small niche and just post comments below their articles relating to the product of your clients Of course you don’t want to slack on the comments because those comments need to be organic you know they need to be authentic that’s what the client usually is paying for not just like hey click the link done but if you do it right you can actually make quite a bit of money with it this guy for example here charges twenty dollars for just five comments wow.

8. Proofreading and Error Correction

Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. Proofreading is generally having a text that is 90% correct and you just proofread it, go through it, and correct minor errors Nothing major, you don’t have to be an author for that, it’s entirely sufficient if you speak a language natively, for example, I speak German natively and could easily proofread and fix German content.

9. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants and the virtual assistant business are expanding right now because everyone is working from home, including CEOs of organizations, and they really need to keep track of what they are doing in a virtual environment, so that’s where you come into play. A virtual assistant basically does anything from scheduling the calendar to writing small emails to doing a bit of internet research, so if you like to help people with their daily tasks, you can become a virtual assistant. And if you’re good at it and build a long-term relationship with your client, you have a long-term income, which is what we all want.

10. Fiverr Arbitrage

Whatever you basically take a service and don’t even do it yourself, you just buy it cheap and then sell it more expensively on another platform. For example, you could go to Fiverr, search for a good logo designer that is cheap and then go to Upwork and offer Logo Design, and then once you get your client from Upwork, you just go to Fiverr, forward the order there and get your logo and deliver it right to your client. Very simple But if you’re really good at selling and convincing other people that your service is the best and you give them the best value for the price, then you could try this and try to market other services for more money.

If any of the tips mentioned today help you in any way or inspire you to do something, then I hope I did my job correctly.

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